Community Bonding Period (Week 1)

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Community bonding period is a month for students to get acquainted with their mentors, explore the codebase of their organization and review the project’s timeline so they can kick off coding when the “Coding period” starts.

For me community bonding was more like get to know your project better kind of thing. I was already contributing to Matplotlib so I was already aware of development workflow of Matplotlib and had set up development environment long before in February.

First Week

(5/5 to 12/5)

The first week was spent in reading about colormaps, how they are created, why some colormaps are bad, perceptual colormaps etc etc. Although there was ample analysis of existing colormaps but I failed to find much on how perceptual colormaps are created in general.

  • Main communication channel with mentors will be matplotlib/GSOC gitter channel
  • Since I wasn’t a power user of python’s scientific libraries so played around with matplotlib and numpy, read some popular tutorials so as to become comfortable in their use.
  • Hannah suggested me this paper to read - Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color?

Watch this entertaining talk given at SciPy 2015 about default colormap in matplotlib. Default colormap for matplotlib

Here are some more which I recommend watching -