Community Bonding Period (Week 3)

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Third Week

(20/5 to 28/5)

Having read about colormaps and existing code I had got a fair idea of what is needed to done. So I started planning for the coding period in the third week and initiated discussion with mentors regarding how to approach the project.

  • Bivariate colormap is more widely used term than 2D color maps
  • It was decided that 2D/Bivariate will be in core library as a part of color and colorbar instead of existing as a standalone toolkit that lives under matplotlib repo.
  • Any new class would subclass from existing colormap and norm because a lot of the underlying stuff is the same
  • 2D normalizations that will work as independent 1D normalizations using existing normalizers on two variables

Testing those normalizers required ready-made 2D colormap. But I wasn’t able to find any ready-made look up tables for 2D colormaps on the internet So first task became creating some colormaps by simply combining uniformly varying alpha vector with an existing colormap in matplotlib.

def TwoDCM(gradient, alpha, cm):
    ret = cm(gradient)
    ret[:, 3] = alpha
    return ret

Resulting bivariate colormaps are shown below. These can be considered as the prototype of my project too.

  • Viridis viridis_bivariate

  • Cool cool_bivariate

  • Plasma plasma_bivariate