Hello World

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Hi, This is my first blog post, many more will follow. Here I will post about the progress of my project along with some random posts about life, politics, some tech tutorial or book reviews. You might ask what new does this blog add to the already existing content on the internet. Well, the honest answer is I don’t know. This is my first attempt at writing other than mandatory academic essays. There are two reasons why I have started this blog. First I have been selected in GSoC and the program require writing blog. Secondly, I follow lots of blogs on various topics on Quora/Medium etc regularly so I always thought about writing a blog but never started one. So after my selection in GSoC first thing I did was to set up a blog.

One month back when I submitted my proposal for GSoC to Matplotlib, NumFocus I never thought that I will be accepted. All this time I felt my proposal wasn’t good enough. Maybe it wasn’t or maybe it was but to my astonishment my mentors showed confidence in me and selected me. It is going to be a challenging task for sure. Hoping to have lots of fun and looking forward to learning many new things this summer.

You can see my proposal here

More on my journey in open source in next post.